Create Social Club is the antidote to mainstream social media platforms.

We created a platform that makes it easy for creators to socialize in real-life gatherings with a unique and fun built in online participant element.

Meet up to share interests and grow your network and audience with new friends and fans worldwide.

Create Social Club empowers creators to monetize communities in at least 7 ways. We help remove the friction and intimidation of meeting new people who may become your Future Best Friends (FBFs). 

With Create Social Club, you can launch custom tailored events and experiences.

Create a succulent terrarium, make ginger turmeric tea, get the best hot toddy recipe, and learn tarot with experts in your own living room which you can easily overlay with virtual guests on our hybrid platform. 

Party guests in Portland learn how to read tarot at Create Social Club summer 2021 event

We hold space for:

Growing Your Business

Create Social Club empowers creators to monetize in at least 7 ways.


Have fun as you share your passions and skills, while meeting new people and forging new friendships.


A unique platform and social club bringing together real-life gatherings with virtual guests all over the world.

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2021 Friendsgiving DIY Necklaces Event

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Cozy season party with ginger tea and custom necklaces