How to Make Ginger Turmeric Tea (My Daily Tonic & Go-To Cold Remedy)

Ginger turmeric tea is a healthy, flavorful tea. You can drink it fall, winter, spring and year-round. Ginger tea tastes and smells delicious, and it’s perfect for Cozy Season, Friendsgiving and the winter holidays.

This ginger tea recipe is easy enough for me to make. And I’m challenged in the kitchen. Therefore, you can do it. I believe in you.

Jess enjoys her ginger turmeric tea in a fox mug, and while wearing a fox hat
I enjoy my ginger turmeric tea in a fox mug, and while wearing a fox hat, however that is not mandatory and completely optional!

Ginger Tea Benefits

Ginger tea is an excellent daily anti-inflammatory tonic. Perhaps most importantly, ginger can alleviate nausea and pain. If you’re suffering from any kind of stomachache, muscle aches, or pain, try some ginger.

Furthermore, ginger tea a soothing cold remedy. As a result, I make a cup or batch of ginger turmeric tea whenever I feel like I’m getting sick.

Turmeric Tea Benefits

This bright orange root called Turmeric (pronounced “Toomeric“) is a proven anti-inflammatory that helps with osteoarthritis, arthritis, and bursitis, while reducing many other types of inflammation in the body, in addition.

Why Not Combine Forces in Jess’s Famous Ginger-Turmeric Tea Recipe

This recipe makes five cups of tasty tea. After enjoying a cup of fresh ginger tea, I pour the extra turmeric ginger tea into glass containers, and I put it in the refrigerator to enjoy over the rest of the week. 


  • 3 inch organic ginger root, sliced thin
  • 1 and ½ inch turmeric root, sliced thin**
  • 5 cups water
  • Optional honey (to your taste)
  • Optional lemon (to your taste)

    **Turmeric is more costly than ginger at the market. Consequently, it’s worth mentioning you can also make this tea as just ginger tea with only sliced ginger. And, if you like, you can add some lemon juice at the end.
Here is my wooden cutting board with the ingredients: sliced ginger on the left and the bright orange sliced turmeric on the right. Also, optional lemon slices for garnish.


  1. Pour water into large sauce pan, and set on high heat.
  2. On a cutting board, thinly slice your ginger root and turmeric root. NOTE: Be careful not to stain your clothes -or your hands- with the turmeric. It’s stainy! If you buy your ginger and turmeric organic, there’s no need to slice the skins off. Take about three inches of ginger. You may be thinking: “Who’s going to measure it?” In other words, aim to visualize three inches of ginger. For the turmeric, I typically use about one to two inches of turmeric. Cut it into thin slices.
  3. Add the ginger and turmeric slices to the water on the stove. (People have asked: “Do you need to use a tea infuser or tea strainer in the pot?” I don’t. I cook the root slices in the water together, and it’s fine that way. You’ll see little turmeric pieces or ginger pieces floating around in your sauce pan. It’s completely okay.) 
  4. Bring to a boil on high heat. Then, lower the heat to simmer.
  5. Simmer for 5-20 minutes. (I love my ginger tea extra strong, and this means I typically steep it for more like 30 or 40 minutes. That said, 5 minutes of simmering will do the trick in a pinch.)
  6. Pour the pan of tea through a metal pasta strainer (to strain out the slices of ginger and turmeric) directly into cups, a teapot, or large container. 
  7. OPTIONAL: At the end, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice in and/or use a lemon slice for a garnish. (I’m a purist, and I don’t add lemon. On the other hand, many people enjoy lemon in this tea. And maybe you do too?)
  8. ALSO OPTIONAL: Another item you can add at the end is a bit of honey. (Again, I’m a purist, and I do not add any honey to my ginger turmeric tea. I love honey. However, I limit my daily sugar. And, frankly, this tea tastes great to me as it is without extra sweetener.) 
  9. Enjoy! (Makes 5 cups.)
This is as close as Jess gets to “cooking” in the kitchen.

Why a Making a Large Batch Simplifies Your Life

Of course, you can make ginger-turmeric tea in a one-off as a single cup for yourself and/or a friend.

Or you can make a big batch, like I do. I steep a sizable pot of ginger turmeric tea on Sundays. After enjoying an initial cup, I pour the rest of the tea from the sauce pan into large glass containers and store them in the refrigerator. Therefore, each subsequent time I want to enjoy a fresh cup of warm ginger turmeric tea, I only need to heat up a single serving for two minutes.

And, if it’s a hot day, I drink the tea iced.

What Is Turmeric and Where Do I Get It?

You can find turmeric in the grocery store in the produce area, most likely near carrots or ginger. It’s an orange root that looks quite similar to a carrot.

First, if it’s available, I recommend you buy organic turmeric. As a result, you simply wash it off. Then, you can slice it with the skin intact. In other words, you won’t need to spend time peeling the skin from your organic turmeric.

Jess prepares to enjoy her ginger turmeric tea in her kitchen.
Cheers to your health (whether you have a fox mug, or not)

How Do You Slice Ginger?

As with the turmeric, I recommend you choose organic ginger, and you won’t have to peel it either.

Next, you thinly slice the ginger. You might wonder: “How do you slice ginger?” (That is to say, the piece you are holding might look like a giant mutant hand.) If your ginger is a weird shape, in this case, I recommend you cut it in half. As a result, you’ll create a flat edge. After that, you simply slice it thinly starting on the flat part.

And Where the Heck Do You Buy Ginger?

First, look in the produce section. There, it’s likely you will find ginger, alongside other root vegetables such as beets and carrots.

Were You Able to Make Ginger Tea? Let Me Know How It Turned Out

I find this ginger turmeric tea recipe spicy and delicious, and I hope you enjoy it too. Message me on Twitter or Instagram @JessBeeGood, and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Jess’s recipe is included in our Create Social Club Friendsgiving Fall Event.

ABOUT JESS: @jessbeegood is not any kind of chef. She considers buttering toast to be cooking. Jess Barron is co-founder of Create Social Club, along with Selena Mooney. Additionally, Jess is CEO and co-founder of EpicVacay (@myepicvacay), a transformational retreat company. Her writing appears on, LIVESTRONG.COM, Wired, Yahoo!, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Fortune, and she’s been a speaker at SXSW, BinderCon, and Create and Cultivate. Her personal essay “The Money Tree” is published in the anthology (HER)OICS: American Women’s Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic. (HER)OICS is listed on Buzzfeed’s 2021 list of “18 New Books from Small Presses You Won’t Want to Put Down.” She lives in Ashland, Oregon with her husband and two elderly doggos.

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Jess's Ginger Turmeric Tea as a cold remedy